For almost 30 years, photography has served as my creative tool; communicating the complexities of light, color, texture and emotion that words fail to provide.  I have been asked numerous times to describe the type of images I photograph and I have yet to produce a solid answer.  The word ineffable is my closest ally; by definition is means incapable of being expressed or described in words because of a subject’s sacredness.

I share these visions with you now as a reminder of the grand beauty our planet boasts and also the love that is shared between friends, families and the furry babies we adore.  From my travels around the world to weddings and newborns here at home, I have been inspired and captivated to photograph these visual muses.  I am eternally grateful to my own family and friends who are the angels of my life and continuously support my photography and its importance.  

Thank you for your love and taking the time to view my photography.

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