Una Boda en Connecticut

This weekend I had the priviledge of photographing a glorious wedding on the shoreline of Branford.  Family and friends arrived from far reaches of the planet; most notably from Spain; the bride’s roots.  Her family entertained us with guitar music, colorful conversations in Spanish and serenaded the couple’s first dance; singing Noches de Boda by Joaquin Sabina.  Here is a vignette of their celebration.



Modeling Made Easy with This Beauty

Head shots are always a fun session for me to photograph. There is a dynamic relationship that develops over the course of these photo shoots that I find fascinating and fulfilling. During the initial 10 minutes I can sense my model sizing me up, taking their time in allowing their ego and soul walls to evaporate. They begin sharp and stiff and take my directions as if I’m a drill Sargent. An indiscernible moment arrives and I can feel them breathe and relax into the lens. This is the sweet spot, when I know they trust me and we begin creating images that evoke their easy beauty and grace.